Systems and Magic Black Noise MiniBlack

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The MiniBlack is the smallest and most inexpensive filter inside the BlackNoise line, equipped with just a single outlet but by no means handicapped regarding performance: if on one hand the harmonic reduction effectiveness, as an example, is less powerful related to the other models, on the other hand the spikes and overvoltage protection is twice as effective compared to any other filter in the line product!

Also the ground connection has a different and more effective filtering cell than the other BlackNoise, engineered so to dim more incisively the noises that are dumped on the ground conductor both from the audio electronics themselves and from the rest of the home appliances.

-3db -6db 10Khz 20Khz 100Khz 1Mhz 100Mhz+
1.45Khz 2.45Khz -17db -23db -37db -60db -40db

The MiniBlack, by its part, doesn’t pollute ground at all. Moreover, with 2300w of maximum absorption it’s second to no other BlackNoise model, on this matter exactly like the 2500.

Given the high absorption capability, the minimum form factor and the convenient cost, there is no application field where the MiniBlack cannot be employed without benefits. If previously, expending a "big"BlackNoise to an audio gear in particular, might have been considered poorly suited due to limited free spaces or economically demanding, now is much easier to accomplish. For example, the use with powered subwoofers was not recommended because of a poor price/performance ratio, while now the MiniBlack is naturally suited for this application.

To enforce the MiniBlack flexibility, it is supplied, at the same price, either with the IEC inlet or with 40cm. of built-in cable. The cable itself is a BlackWire with a lower cross-section compared to the standard BlackWire (1.5mm instead of 2.5mm for each conductor) but otherwise shielded, semi-balanced and Schuko terminated.

The mechanical and built qualities are as well identical to the ones of its bigger brothers, either regarding components, PCB quality, resin tapping, inlets and outlets, anodized aluminum case.

Is it possible to use the MiniBlack instead of the existing BlackNoise mains filters engineered and built to specific audio gear? No, if your aim is to look for the best possible audio/video quality.

The MiniBlack is not a cheap BlackNoise filter substitute, but rather a different product on its own, a complement born to work jointly with other BlackNoise filters to satisfy, with the highest flexibility, different circumstances, needs and gear.

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