Atoll IN200se / Srebrn

Naša cena: 1.359 1.500 € (Prihranite: 141 €)
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Nov / Rabljen Nov
Tip izdelka Integrirani ojačevalec
Znamka Atoll (vas zanima več o znamki Atoll)
Polna cena novega izdelka 1.500 €
Power Wrms/channel/8Ω:
120 W
Power Wrms/channel/4Ω:
200 W
Impulse Power:
200 W
Power supply (VA):
Total of capacitors (µF):
62 000
4 + 1 monitor
Input Impedance (kΩ):
  • Symmetrical Output stages with discrete components
  • Double pair of MOS-FET transistors on each channel
  • Complete settings (from the front panel or with the remote control)of the balance and volume
  • Direct access to each inputs from the front panel or with the remote control
  • 5 Inputs (with 1 AUX. for optional board)
  • By-pass input
  • Headphones jack


  • 5 audio stereo Inputs (RCA):
    • CD
    • TUNER
    • TAPE (IN+OUT)
    • AUX ( or optionnal board)
    • DVD
  • 1 trigger 12V Output
  • 1 By-pass Input (uses as power amplifier)
  • Double pair of Pre-out by bi-amp.

ATOLL global remote control allows to control other Atoll’s devices (Preamp, Integrated, Tuner, CD Players, DAC)

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