Gryphon Guidline Reference XLR+C121 / 2m

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Tip izdelka Interkonekcijski kabli
Znamka Gryphon
Starost 4 years
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Owners of supremely neutral and transparent audio systems will immediately recognize Gryphon Guideline Reference as the reference standard for dynamic contrast, three-dimensional soundstaging and bass clarity and articulation.

Incorporating conductors of gold-embedded silver for unimpeded electron propagation, Gryphon Guideline Reference employs a dielectric consisting of thousands of minute air-core Teflon fiber tubes wound around the conductors, then wrapped in a tight Teflon sheath. For effective protection against external interference, the shield features a thick layer of silver-plating. A molded outer sleeve of homopolymeric Polyvinyl Acetate (PVA) contributes to the exceptionally rigid construction.

Gold-Embedded Silver Conductors:
The Gryphon Guideline Reference interconnect and PSC Reference loudspeaker cable mark the introduction of a radical metallurgic breakthrough, conductors of gold-The direct implantation of gold atoms in the crystallinembedded silver that form a virtually seamless crystalline structure which is superior in every sonic and electrical parameter. A structure of silver combines the minimal resistance of silver with the outstanding micro-level conductivity of gold. Because the gold atoms take the place of silver oxides at crystal boundaries, the new structure is also more resistant to oxidation.


We also offer these in length 1m for 530 €, for more information please contact us.

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