Naša cena: 10.750 29.750 € (Prihranite: 19.000 €)
Nov / Rabljen Rabljeno
Tip izdelka Monitorni zvočniki
Starost 2 leti
Finiš black, silver, walnut
Polna cena novega izdelka 29.750 €
komplet, z originalno embalažo

Raidho D1-T Walnut from Michael Børresen

Now Michael Børresen made even a huge step further by upgrading his personal Raidho D-1.1 with the newest and latest Tantalum Diamond cones, which makes them immediately a one of a kind collectors item. Michael Børresen, the founder, owner, developer, technical brains and manufacturer of the Raidho speakers upgraded his personal Raidho D-1.1 into the Raidho D1-T.

When you hear what these Raidho ‘Development Prototype’ D1-T babies are capable of you won’t believe your trained ears.

You are now able to become the proud owner of a collectors item formerly owned by Michael Børresen; only one pair available World Wide, signed by the master himself and upgraded to his highest possible achievement with the Tantalum Diamond Cones!


The D1.1 version is already truly an all new design while retaining only the cabinet and tweeter from the original D series. The D1.1 features a new driver motor structure, new driver surround, new crossover, new cabinet back panel, and new speaker connectors. The speaker is 1.5dB more efficient.

Now this beautiful D1.1 version has been given a very exclusive upgrade with the Tantalum Diamond cones by the master himself…

An astonishingly good loudspeaker and highly recommended. A true Collectors item…

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makridisavel  (08 Jul. 15 / 21:16)  Rating: sehr positive Bewertungen

Precise description. Products works 100% & looks 100%. Seller kind, very helpful, answers quickly, and very flexible.

gsgsgs  (15 Nov. 14 / 13:56)  Rating: sehr positive Bewertungen

I wanted to say thank you a lot about this transaction and if i could rate audiomarkt users I would give you the price for number one!!!!!
I cannot imagine to do it better! Always again!