Systems and Magic Black Noise 2500 V2

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Znamka Systems and Magic (vas zanima več o znamki Systems and Magic)
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The 2500 is the filter with the highest maximum absorption throughout the BlackNoise range, almost equal to a standard Italian domestic energy contract. Hardly you will ever need anything more powerful!

The natural use of the 2500 is with high-power amps where, without absolutely showing  any kind of dynamic compression, is able to excert a very effective protection and elimination of mains noises and harmonics. Another very good field of application for the 2500 (alike its smaller sibling, the 1000) is with electrostatic speakers or OTL amps.

-3db -6db 10Khz 20Khz 100Khz 1Mhz 100Mhz+
1.4 / 4.7 / 6.3 Khz 6.6Khz -23db -44db -86db -150db -100db

If needed, the 2500 may be used as the only filter in a audio/video setup (in the same manner as the 500 , the 1000 or the MiniBlack) but if your setup absorbs so many Watts that not even the 1000 is enough, it’s certain that connecting everything to a single filter it’s not the best course to take: separating sources from power amps is always a “healty” practice toward highest possible quality.

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rolandein  (12 Mar. 16 / 20:10)  Rating: sehr positive Bewertungen

Absolute serious seller. Excellent communication. Item picked up in Slovenia. Player was in perfect condition as described.
Highly recommended!

graaf4ever  (25 Jan. 16 / 09:11)  Rating: sehr positive Bewertungen

I bought a second hand preamp in mint condition + some demo filters and cables : all received well packed and in excellent state, very serious seller, safe transaction. Thank you Audio Serum! A+++