Soulution 590

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Nov / Rabljen Nov
Tip izdelka USB v AES/EBU ali S/PDIF digitalni pretvornik
Znamka Soulution (vas zanima več o znamki Soulution)

High-resolution music files on computer are rapidly gaining the approval of audiophiles.

The 590 uses the most advanced DSP technology to achieve error-free translation into the digital domain, and uncompromising circuit design to keep digital interference away from the audio system.

Now even the most critical of audiences can enjoy the full transparency and dynamics of high resolution music files.

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makridisavel  (08 Jul. 15 / 21:16)  Rating: sehr positive Bewertungen

Precise description. Products works 100% & looks 100%. Seller kind, very helpful, answers quickly, and very flexible.

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I wanted to say thank you a lot about this transaction and if i could rate audiomarkt users I would give you the price for number one!!!!!
I cannot imagine to do it better! Always again!